Halls of residence at Bournemouth University

Rent Student Accommodation

Rent Student Accommodation

Are you searching for high-quality student accommodation? Do you need a student room to rent? Then look no further than Lulworth Student Company, we have a fine selection of single student rooms and studio flats to suit all budgets and all people. Our student accommodation is the finest in Bournemouth.

Luxury student accommodation available for rent

At Lulworth Student Company, we believe in providing students with a diverse and high-quality of student accommodation so that students can focus on academic and social life. Choosing to rent student accommodation with Lulworth will be a decision that you will take great joy having made.

Great location

When you stay in student accommodation, you will want to ensure that your new home is close to your place of study and to all of the local facilities. By choosing Lulworth for your student rental needs, you will be located in a wonderful location that is in the middle of all the necessary facilities and is situated near to a variety of transport links.Rent Student Accommodation

If you stay in Union House, it is a very central location that will enable you to commute easily to both Bournemouth universities and Bournemouth College. Union House also has a wonderful array of facilities like:

  1. restaurants
  2. bars
  3. supermarkets
  4. shops and many more wonderful amenities

Our student rental apartments

The main majority of our students are placed in Union House which is our primary student accommodation, and by choosing our company will be a decision that you will be glad to have made. In Union House, we provide a wide variety of rooms which are equipped with all the facilities required for you to have a great stay in your student flat.

We provide a wide selection of rooms in our student accommodation like single bedrooms and studio flats to meet every student’s needs. All of our rooms are furnished with a double bed, wardrobe and ensuite shower. In the shared halls, there will be a well equipped kitchen for you to make food and socialise with fellow students. We include the following in our kitchens: table & chairs, oven, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV kitchen and many more.

If you want your own space without sharing with other people then renting a studio flat is the perfect option for you; Lulworth Student Company has a wonderful selection of studio flats ready for you to rent today. All studio flats have the same facilities as our single rooms and have wonderful kitchen facilities. We also provide a communal area for students to gather and socialise with one another.

Why stay with us in Bournemouth?

Staying with Lulworth Student Company will ensure that you have a hassle-free living experience and you will be able to focus on more important matters such as studying and socialising. In all of our Bournemouth buildings, we have 24 hour CCTV and a security team on hand if any issues shall arise. We also have maintenance and dedicated reception team who are on hand to provide a great service.

Student Rooms Bournemouth

Student rooms Bournemouth

Student Rooms Bournemouth

Are you a student in Bournemouth in need of renting a student room? Are you planning to begin your studies in Bournemouth? Do you want to avoid unscrupulous landlords? Without a doubt, you will need the finest student rooms Bournemouth has to offer which will enable you to progress you academically and to enjoy your leisure time. Lulworth Student Company has a superb selection of shared rooms and studio flats.

Our Luxury Bournemouth student roomsLuxury Student Rooms For Rent

The Lulworth Student Company was formed to provide students in the two Bournemouth universities and Bournemouth College, the finest rooms in Bournemouth. When you select a room with Lulworth, it will be a decision that you will not regret.

Lulworth Union House

Our primary location for student rental rooms in Bournemouth is currently located at Union House, which is our main accommodation offering. By selecting to stay in a room at Union House is a decision that you will not regret. Every room is well equipped with the necessary facilities that will ensure you enjoy your stay with Lulworth Student Company.

Variety is essential in life and at Union House we provide two types of rooms: single bedroom and studio flats. Our most popular option amongst many students is a single bedroom which forms part of a shared flat area. Every room is well equipped so that you can be assured that you will have a comfortable stay at Union House. Every bedroom is provided with a double bed, wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms. You will be sharing a well-furnished communal kitchen with other students which will give you the opportunity to socialise and make new friends. Our kitchens have an oven, table and stools, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi internet is standard.

Do you require more personal space? Then at Lulworth Student Company, we provide a superb range of studio flats for students who want more personal space. Likewise, all of our studio flat rooms have the same facilities and equipment as our single student rooms. In Union House, we have a great social area for all of our students, so if you live in a studio flat you will be able to socialise with a great range of people.

Central location

Many students require a location that is both central to their educational institution and local amenities. By choosing to rent in a student room with Lulworth Student Company, will enable you to stay in a great central location. Union House is a quick 5 minute walk from Bournemouth College and is also located a quick bus ride away from Bournemouth University.

When you choose a room in Bournemouth’s Union House, you will have a plethora of amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable. There is a superb selection of:

  1. supermarkets
  2. takeaways
  3. shops
  4. bars
  5. pubs
  6. restaurants and more on your doorstep!

Why choose Lulworth for renting?

Selecting to stay with Lulworth will be a decision that you will not regret as we have dedicated ourselves to providing students in Bournemouth with the very best student rooms to rent. In Union House, we have a dedicated security, maintenance and reception team who will handle any problems or questions that you may have. All of our properties can only be accessed by an electronic key, and we have 24 hour CCTV in all of our properties.

Housing In Bournemouth Student

Student houses Bournemouth

Student houses in Bournemouth

  • Are you moving to Bournemouth for your first year of university?
  • Or are you studying at Bournemouth College?

If so, you are no doubt looking at the student houses Bournemouth has to offer and are most likely confused at the options available. At Lulworth Student Company, we have provided students in Bournemouth with a superb selection of accommodation.

Our Bournemouth Student Housing services

Our company was set up to provide students in Bournemouth with a deluxe accommodation service that met their rental needs whilst providing a great service. By selecting our housing, you will be able to focus on more important matters like your studies and your lifestyle.

Lulworth Union HouseLuxury Student Houses To Rent

When you choose our company, it will be a decision that you will not regret as you will be able to settle into luxurious accommodation that is equipped with all of the facilities necessary for a comfortable stay.

One popular option with students which we offer is our studios that are ideal for those students who require their own space. All studio rooms have a double bed, wardrobe, bathroom, connecting kitchen with a breakfast bar and stools. Every kitchen area has all of the required appliances for a hassle-free stay. In Union House, we have a wonderful area for students to socialise, so if you choose a studio flat you will be able to meet a wide range of people.

We also provide single bedrooms as part of shared flats in which students share a large communal kitchen that has a wide range of appliances that you will need to cook and eat comfortably.

A flat screen TV, table and stools, and Fast Wi-Fi internet are some of the features we supply in our communal areas.  More importantly, all of our single bedrooms have double beds, wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms to make your stay more comfortable.

Union House is situated near to both Bournemouth College (which will be a 5 minute walk away) and to Bournemouth University (a short bus ride away). This makes our student accommodation services ideal for students who want to live near their place of study. By choosing to live in our accommodation, you will have a superb range of facilities and amenities on your doorstep like a big supermarket, bars, pubs, restaurants and many more great facilities. So why live cut off from all the vital facilities?

Read all about our luxurious Union Student Housing apartments

Why select our superb services?Student Housing Bournemouth

At Lulworth, we believe in providing a superb service that offers students unmatchable luxury in their student houses. All of our accommodation buildings are protected by 24 hour CCTV which offers a great line of protection; our buildings can only be accessed by a secure electronic key.  If you have any problems during your stay, we have a dedicated reception and a wonderful maintenance team who are willing to solve all problems.

So why put yourself at the risk of unscrupulous landlords, below par housing and problems like damp which are often a common factor in many student houses; by selecting Lulworth Student Company it will be a decision that you will not regret.

For more information, contact us on 01202 290 244 or email us today at: info@lulworthstudentcompany.co.uk or click this link for our contact form

Bournemouth Accommodation For Students

Student accommodation Bournemouth

Are you a prospective Bournemouth university student or Bournemouth College student? Do you require the best and most luxurious student accommodation Bournemouth has to offer? Look no further than Lulworth Student Company, as we have a superb selection of student rooms in Bournemouth to cater to all of your luxurious accommodation needs. 

Our student accommodation in Bournemouth services

If your hunt for the most luxurious student room Bournemouth has to offer has proved fruitless, we advise you read our article and find out about our luxurious Bournemouth student accommodation. At Lulworth Student Company, we are committed to providing students in Bournemouth with high-end accommodation that provides a luxurious experience, so you can focus on your studies and enjoying the student experience to its fullest.

Students can expect that we provide the finest rooms and studio flats built for students just like you. So if places are full for Bournemouth University accommodation halls, it is worth checking out our rooms today.

Lulworth Union HouseBournemouth Student Accommodation

The Lulworth Union House is where you will be living throughout the course of your contract with Lulworth Student Company, and it is one of the most luxurious student accommodation offerings available on the market in Bournemouth.

We provide high-end bedrooms that feature all the facilities you need to live comfortably. Every bedroom has been decorated to a high standard and come with a range of standard features like a large double bed, spacious wardrobe and an ensuite bathroom of your own!

On every floor, there is a large integrated communal kitchen for you to cook and eat. Our kitchens come equipped with all of the essential kitchen facilities required for a comfort stay such as speedy Wi-Fi, Flat screen TV, table and stools.

Alternatively, we provide studios for students requiring their own space. Our studios feature all of the same features as our normal rooms such as:

  • A double bed
  • Breakfast bar and stools.
  • Desk and chair
  • Shared, fully-equipped kitchen
  • Wardrobe

Are you worried that you will not be able to integrate with other students if you stay in a studio? Put these fears aside as there is a great communal space in Union House for you to meet old and new friends.

Lulworth Union House is located in a central location that is a 10 minutes’ walk from Bournemouth town centre. On your doorstep, you will have a great range of local amenities like supermarkets, bars, clubs, restaurants, takeaways, and many more. The Union House is located in close proximity to both Bournemouth College and Bournemouth University, the latter of which will be a quick bus ride away.

Read more about our luxurious Union House.

Why you should stay in our Bournemouth student accommodation?Luxury Student Accommodation In Bournemouth

When you choose our accommodation services, it will be a decision that you will not regret. At Lulworth, we are committed to providing students with comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you are safe and secure during your stay with Lulworth Student Company. Every accommodation building is covered by 24 hour CCTV and can only be accessed via an electronic secure key.

All residents follow a set of House Rules that make our properties a wonderful place to live. We also have a dedicated reception area and maintenance team to solve any queries or problems that you may have.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our superb student rental accommodation services, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today on 01202 290 244 or email us today at: info@lulworthstudentcompany.co.uk or click here to fill out our contact form.

Bournemouth Student Accommodation

Student Life Bournemouth

Student Life in Bournemouth

Situated on the south west coast of England, Bournemouth is famous for its seven mile stretch of sandy beaches. It is home to the final resting place of famous writer Mary Shelley who wrote the widely influential novel ‘Frankenstein’. Bournemouth is home to several colleges and two universities and attracts many students from around the globe.

Why study and live in Bournemouth?

Stunning natural sightsStudent Life Bournemouth

Many students choose to live and study in Bournemouth as the town boasts a wide range of natural sights, particular mention going to the town’s wonderful golden beaches. If you are into natural sights, living in Bournemouth will enable you to explore UNESCO sights such as Durdle’s Door, and the Jurassic Coast which are a delight to visit. The weather is often temperate and mild and what better way to enjoy the summer than to spend it on a wonderful beach and be the envy of your family and friends.

Superb selection of shops

Bournemouth has plenty of amenities such as a superb selection of supermarkets like Tesco, Asda superstore, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and plenty of individual supermarkets. Are you health conscious? Bournemouth has a superb balance of gyms to cater to all budgets.  Or why not run along the beach for a scenic route?

Alternatively, if you count shopping as one of your hobbies, you will love Bournemouth town centre. It has all of famous high street brands you have come to love and adore. There is a wide range of shops ranging from clothes, electronics, shoes, toys and many more. There are also some fantastic independent shops for those of you who like shops with a difference. Or alternatively if the town centre does not take your fancy, there are a great range of outdoor shopping centres such as Castlepoint and Tower Park. Additionally, you will be in close proximity to Southampton which has an unrivalled amount of shops and facilities to suit everyone’s tastes.

NightlifeNightlife For Students Living In Bournemouth

Bournemouth has a diverse and fun filled nightlife with a super assortment of:

  1. bars
  2. pubs
  3. clubs to suit all tastes

People from all over the UK come to Bournemouth to sample the town’s superb and unbeatable nightlife. Whether you party down at the Old fire station with your fellow students or at the beach in Aruba or more, it will be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends.

Contact Us

If you want to enjoy the great experience that student life in Bournemouth has to offer and you have worked hard to gain a place at college or university, you will need a place to stay. At Lulworth Student Company, we offer students the chance to stay in high-end luxurious accommodation that will offer great comfort. For more details on booking your place, contact 01202 290 244 or email us today at: info@lulworthstudentcompany.co.uk or click this link for our contact form