Lulworth Student Accommodation House Rules

At Lulworth Student Company, we want to ensure that all our students have a pleasant stay with us and for our student flats to be a welcoming and safe environment for residents to enjoy all year round. That is why we have some basic rules in place that apply to all of our resident students so everyone can have peace of mind whilst staying with us.

The following rules must be adhered to and consistently breaking the rules at our student flats may result in you being asked to leave. To avoid this happening, we ask all our students to read the rules thoroughly so that we can ensure a safe environment for all of our guests.

1. Fire protection in student accommodation is an important legal requirement. Tenants are required to inform themselves on the relevant fire procedures, fire precautions, fire exit, location of fire alarms and equipment. All tenants are required to abide by fire safety regulations to prevent the likelihood of a fire. Fire protection equipment must not be damaged or tampered with; penalties will be issued if fire extinguishers have been abused.

2. Smoking inside the building is strictly forbidden. The use of candles, incense sticks or any other open flame equipment is also forbidden.

3. USE AND ABUSE OF ALCOHOL. Provided you are of legal drinking age, you are allowed to consume alcohol in the building but in moderation. We will not tolerate house rules being broken or abusive/destructive behaviour arising from alcohol consumption. The penalties include immediate termination of the Residential Services Agreement and if appropriate, restitution.

4. DRUGS AND UNLAWFUL SUBSTANCES. All tenants are forbidden by law to have in their possession any illegal substances. If tenants are found with illegal substances, they will be reported to the police and have their lease terminated with immediate effect.

5. All tenants residing in our property are obligated to look after their accommodation unit with care and to use it only for its intended purposes. They should also prevent the aforementioned accommodation unit from loss, damage or contamination and use technical appliances safely. Tenants are obliged to use electricity, heating and water in an economic fashion. During winter, windows should be closed when the tenant has left the room.

6. Tenants are forbidden from removing any furniture or fixtures from their accommodation unit without our permission of the authority and neither may any be added (especially the window fixtures).

7. Outside aerials and satellite dishes may not be installed onto the property.

8. Tenants do not have the right to carry out any structural changes or any changes to the installations (e.g. gas, water and sanitary or the data network). Electrical equipment used by the tenants must conform to the European Union CE certification mark.

9. Tenants are forbidden from making excessive noise. If tenants use stereo appliances in their accommodation unit, it must be set to room volume. We also stress to tenants that they should be considerate of others at all times, particularly during the following times: 10 pm to 8 am.

10. Shared kitchens and corridors areas (fire escape routes) are forbidden for party use.

11. If the tenant discovers important repairs or defects, they should contact the authority immediately. In more serious cases (including loss of your keys), the LSC are to be informed via phone. There is an emergency call out service outside of office hours which can be found on the notice board in the halls.


  • Water service has burst
  • Blocked or broken toilet system
  • Roof leak
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious floor damage
  • The failure or breakdown of electrical, gas or water supply
  • The failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliances on the premises designated for hot water and cooking
  • Fault or damage that will result in the injury of a person, damage to the property, or unduly inconvenience a resident of the premises
  • A fault in a staircase, lift or other common areas for the premises that will inconvenience other residents in gaining access to, or using the premises.

12. All pests of any sort are to be reported to the reception/caretaker with immediate effect.

13. A room may only be redecorated with the express permission of the caretaker/ reception.

14. Tenants must look after all keys during their tenancy. The caretaker/reception must be informed immediately if keys are lost or there is any damage to the locks. Key replacement is charged at the following prices: Lost key (£20), lost fob (£25) and is a non-refundable cost that the student must pay. Tenants are forbidden from duplicating keys, installing new locks or damaging existing locks. Tenants must not pass any keys to non-residents. The main doors of the halls are locked from the period from 11pm to 7am.

15. The caretaker is solely responsible for allocating letters to the correct room numbers.

16. Bicycles may not be placed in communal areas in the building like corridors, entrance, stairways and more as they could prevent fire exist. Bicycles may be placed in intended areas or cycle rooms. If bicycles are found to be violating any space, the caretaker will remove them. We do not accept any liability for bicycles.

17. Tenants do not have permission to place any objects like furniture in communal areas, corridors, lifts, stairwells and more. Tenants are not permitted to decorate the aforementioned areas unless these rooms have an intended decoration space.

18. Upon moving out of the property, the student has to ensure that the room is left tidy and in a good condition. If the cleaner discovers your room has been left in an unacceptable state, you will be charged a fee of £25.

19. Rubbish must always be placed into the bin which must a plastic bin liner. Once the bin is full, the bag must be placed outside into the big black bins provided for such purposes. These bins are emptied on a weekly basis and tenants must ensure they take their bin out before the designed bin collection day (Fridays). If you have a recycling bin in your kitchen, likewise this should be placed outside in the correct bin once it is full. Tenants must not leave food or scraps in the property as it will only serve to encourage a wide range of vermin like rats, maggots, fleas, flies and cockroaches to infest the property.

20. Every student must contribute to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness within their accommodation unit. We will raise issue of concern if the accommodation unit is affected but not limited to the following: debris covering exits, significant odour, excessive rubbish, spoilt food and many more.

21. There may be individual amendments and/ or additions specific to a certain type of hall which is displayed by the Lulworth Student Company on the relevant notice boards. These rules must also be adhered to by all tenants.

22. All breaches of the house rules depending on the breach will lead to an initial caution but if the offence is more severe, you will be served a notice informing that your Tenancy Agreement has ended.


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Got Questions?

What is the policy on guests staying in my room?

It is best to speak with the staff at the reception to find out if this is ok. You may have occasional overnight guests. Please do not invite someone to stay for more than 2 consecutive nights. Each guest needs to be signed in at the reception for safety reasons.

Can I extend my stay at the end of my contract?

We provide short stays, particularly during the summer months, often for students at language or summer schools – please speak to your reception team about this option and they will be able to advise you.

What are the reception hours of the residence?

Our reception hours are 8.30AM – 4.30PM. You can contact our helpdesk on 01202 290244 or just pop in into reception. The LSC Team will be happy to help you

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