Living green at lulworth

The team at Lulworth Student Company is conscious of environmental issues and we always encourage our students to go green as well. This is why we have compiled some useful information below on navigating your student experience while reducing your carbon footprint.

LSC is committed playing its part in making life a little bit greener. We believe everyone has the power to impact the environment we live in positively. We are encouraging and supporting ideas and help to implement green living improvements. You will find on our social media site and blog regular updates and information on events and campaigns we are running and how you can get yourself or your flat involved in our “Green Projects”.

This sustainable approach extends to travel as well as proper waste disposal. Please take some time to look through the information below and see if you can apply it to your own experience. Should you have any questions about our Go Green project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask!


Home to most of our facilities, the postcode for Talbot Campus is BH12 5BB. The best way to get from your halls to the campuses is by UNIBUS. Visit their dedicated services page to get the latest timetables and maps that will help you easily navigate the local area if you’re new to the town!

Directions to talbot campus
Bournemouth University Sign
BU sign outside Lulworth Student Accommodation


Lansdowne Campus is conveniently located in the town centre and is home to the Health and Social Sciences Faculty as well as the Executive Business Centre. Local buses can get you from Lansdowne Campus to Talbot Campus in around 10 minutes.

directions to lansdowne campus

Bicycle Scheme

Bournemouth and Poole Councils have partnered with the operator Beryl Bikes to launch an innovative bicycle sharing scheme launching in the spring of 2019. The bikes will be available for instant hire using an app, which tracks the bike’s GPS location to allow users to easily unlock any Beryl bicycle.

An initial 50 brand new bicycles will be distributed at key destinations upon the scheme’s launch. These destinations include easily accessible rail and bus stations, shopping areas in town, and popular tourist attractions.

The initial rollout of bicycles is expected to increase to around 1,000 by the end of the summer months. The Beryl bikes come with three speed gears and a step through design, with seats available for riders ranging from 4’11” to 6’5” in height.

students on a bike
recycling at lulworth


One of the best ways to be sustainable is by recycling. You will find hundreds of bins across the University campus, so you will be able to recycle plastic sandwich packets, juice cartons, foil, yoghurt pots and more.

You will find separate bins for white paper recycling in computer labs, offices, and open access centres. All of the bins will be clearly labelled for efficiency and ease of use. Food waste is now sent to a local composting site in an attempt to be greener.

If you’re on Talbot or Lansdowne Campus, you can recycle all of your batteries in any of the SUBU shops. When you pay a visit to the Student Union reception area, you will also be able to recycle CDs, mobile phones, ink cartridges, glasses, sunglasses, and more!


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At Lulworth student accommodation, we have a variety of room options available so you can find the right solution for you. All of our rooms come with a small double bed, ensuite, free gym membership, 24/7 security, contents insurance and access to our range of onsite facilities. 

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