Things to do

the gym

The gym Now Open! Visit our On Site Gym at your Lulworth Student Accommodation for FREE !

With all of the latest equipment available, casual cardio fans and serious bodybuilders alike will be able to get their workouts done.

You can visit our new gym with full confidence, even if you are not a regular gym goer. We understand that some people are turned away from big chain gyms because they feel out of place due to their lack of prior experience.

This is definitely not the case at the Lulworth Student Accommodation gym. Absolutely everyone is welcome. Whether you’ve never stepped foot inside a gym before or you’re an award-winning athlete, you will enjoy our atmosphere and great selection of things to do.

Everyone who has previously stayed at Lulworth Student Accommodation will already be familiar with the involved approach of our friendly team members who will always go the extra mile for our residents.

This approach now also extends to our gym team who would be happy to help you with your objectives and show you the benefits of each machine. Pop in for a visit in the summer once we have formally opened our doors.

who we are

Lulworth Student Accommodation is an established provider that countless students have enjoyed living in and later gone on to recommend. We are always looking for ways to improve our standards even further and making the stay of each resident as pleasant and fun as possible. Experience everything that we have to offer – including our brand new gym – and move in with us!

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Our dedicated team is always here to help and answer any questions that you may have. Get in touch with Lulworth Student Accommodation by filling in our online form or calling 01202290244.