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How to Maintain a Study Life Balance at University

So, you have your placement confirmed and are ready to enjoy the perks of university life, but one thing we are sure you haven't yet considered is how to enjoy your new experiences whilst also delivering high-quality academic work. We have seen many students feel the effects of intense burn-out within their first year, and it is not a fun way to feel, especially when you are away from home. This is why we want to take a moment and share our top tips to help you develop an enjoyable and maintainable study-life balance.

Look after your wellbeing

No matter how much you try and convince yourself, you simply cannot study and enjoy the perks of university life without being healthy and happy. This is why our first and arguably most important tips are all about helping you look after your overall well-being.

Ensure you get enough shut-eye

It is easy to fall into the routine of daily studying followed by late and wild nights. And whilst we know you won't get 9 hours of sleep every night, we encourage you to ensure you get adequate rest between socialising and meeting assignments.  Not only does a good night's sleep help your mental health, but it will also boost your concentration levels and help you reduce stress. Overall, ensuring you get enough sleep will result in a well-rounded and good study-life balance.

Fuel yourself

Maintain your body and brain by fuelling yourself with healthy and nutritious meals. Instant noodles are easy and fine every once and a while but will not suffice as your daily pick me up when you have to use a lot of your brain power. It is just as easy to prepare hearty, nutritious and budget-friendly meals that your body and mind will thank you for. Trust us, giving yourself a moderate balance of healthy, enriched foods is key to looking after your overall well-being.


Take some 'me-time'

In the adrenaline-pumping rush of university life, it is easy to cast your own needs aside, but this is one dangerous path to follow. One of the most important things you can do to help your well-being is to plan some well-earned 'me time'. Whether that is staying in to read a good book to relax or taking yourself out for a to a vibrant, solo coffee date, whatever you decide to do, take some 'me time' and help relieve some stress.

Keep active

There's no denying that university will give you a busy schedule, but your mental health needs you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Spend time in the fresh air to boost your morale, increase focus and support your physical health. Lulworth students accommodation boasts impressive gym facilities that you can take advantage of whatever the weather. So, when life, deadlines and social pressures seem to be challenging you, check in on your physical health, increase your endorphins and feel uplifted!


Reach out to those important to you

Making time for those who are important to you is vital for your well-being. We know you will make some lifelong friends whilst at university, but don't forget those who have helped you get to where you are now. Connecting with those you care about will lift your spirits, make you happier and boost your mood!

Schedule your time

Balancing your study and social life can be difficult, and at times, stressful.

Successful time management will help you stay focused, and ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy a range of activities and fun-fuelled nights out. Plan the term with your work being the priority and don't be afraid to relay to your roommates when you need to focus and not be disturbed, they are all in the same boat as you and strong support systems go a long way.

Setting realistic goals in your educational and personal life will help you avoid burnout and enable you to proactively reach deadlines whilst also maintaining the healthy and fun social life that university offers.

Practice prioritising Your Work

Setting priorities is a great way to ensure you complete your work whilst also enjoying all the leisure activities your university has to offer.

There is nothing worse than the sense of dread you feel wash over you when you realise you haven't put aside enough time to complete your academic work. Prioritise deadlines and exams which are due in the short term, this prevents your stress levels from rising when trying to cram in last-minute work to complete assignments.

A great way to do this is to understand your preferred learning style. Do you focus better in the library or in your room? Do you retain more information by reading the textbooks, or do you need to visually see what is happening? Understanding how you work best will ensure you are able to revise efficiently.

Also, be disciplined and honest with yourself, if you've already been out three nights this week and done no work, then is it realistic or beneficial to go out for another four nights? Your three years of university will fly by and you don't want to end each year cramming in months of university work you could have achieved if you worked smarter throughout the year.

Prioritising your assigned tasks and yourself will not only help you lead a healthy work-study life balance but will ensure you enjoy every aspect of university life before it ends.

Learn to say no to plans

Sometimes, study will have to come first. You don't have to go to every event or sign up for every extra curricular activity. Sure, taking on that volunteering role sounds great, but will it hinder your work-study life balance? If something doesn't feel meaningful to you, is not necessary or prevents you from being able to study effectively, then simply don't do it. You will never be a bad person or lose friends by looking out for yourself and your future. Your time and energy are precious so spend them wisely.

Remember, you are only human

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to get the highest grades possible whilst also being a people pleaser. Never forget that you are only human, and you physically can’t do everything. Nothing will get done well if you are emotionally or physically drained, so organise your time effectively, and don’t be so hard on yourself!

And finally, have fun!

Being a student is a once in a lifetime experience, and you will want to look back at all the fun you had and the friends you made, not the hours of last-minute stress studying you had to do. By maintaining a healthy study-life balance you will be more likely to manage your workload whilst making the most of an epic social life, without the risk of burnout.


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